Keyboards, Vocals and FX

  Don is a Jersey boy and has been singing since third grade, however It was after he sang back stage for the star in a Junior High Schools production of "Bye Bye Birdie" that got him started. The person that was supposed to sing came down with a bad cold, could act, but singing was out of the question. 
His music teacher set him up with a mic back stage, forward into the time machine and here we are. At the age of 14 his parents purchased a double
tiered console organ and he began taking lessons.
He established Blue North in 2010, although they have experienced some transitions through the years they are stronger than ever, embarking on a
new path and new direction working closely with one another. Don wanted
Blue North to be a band where when a good musician joins, they would feel welcome, comfortable and not afraid to speak up on musical choices and preferences.
"Lets face it, we've all been the new boy on the block at one time or another"
"Its not easy sometimes with sky high ego"s, personal agendas, etc"
He believes music is the universal language, with that in mind, he feels that BN's interpretation of the songs they do allows the freedom to relate that right back to the listener in real time. He also believes that musical 
intuitiveness and improvisation are a vital entity when playing in live venues.
 Being 5 different musicians with different musical tastes and influences, 
makes the band very unique as well as versatile. They continually challenge
themselves from a musical stand point which makes for a very tasty selection of songs.
 His first love is classical music Mozart, Bach, Beethoven to mention a few. His musical influences include Trower, Yes, Genesis, Rush, Crimson, Floyd, ELP, Journey and the list goes on.
He also composes original music and the band infiltrates originals into their cover song list so their audience can get a glimpse of another side of them, a very creative side. His belief in what drives this band spirituality,
dedication, the love of music, mutual respect for one another as musicians, friendship and thrill of performing and sharing it with others. For without
GOD none of this would be possible!





Music has always been at the center of Sean Sonnett's life. He started playing the drums in fourth grade and continued as a percussionist through Middle and High School. Sean went to Penn State where he received a Bachelors's and Master's degree in Music Education. 

After graduation, Sean found a home in the Secaucus Public School District, where he has been
teaching Middle School Band since 1995. Being part of a rock and roll cover band is one of Sean's favorite ways to make music. He has been in several bands in the New Jersey area as a drummer, rhythm guitarist, and backup singer. The Beatles, Pat Benatar, Billy Joel, and The Police are a few artists that Sean looks to
for inspiration. As far as Sean's favorite drummer, the one and only Ringo Star!
Sean lives in Wayne, with his wife and two sons,  Justin and Gavin.


Bass Guitar

 Lou joined the

Lou joined Blue North in May 2019. Like many of his contemporaries, his interest in music began February 9, 1964, when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Lou received his first guitar for Christmas that year, and before long he was forming garage bands with friends in his neighborhood. Through his teens and twenties, he played with numerous bands throughout North Jersey and the Hudson valley.

After a long break from music to focus on career and family, Lou recently rejoined the music scene, participatiung in jams and open mics near his home in Orange County, NY.

Some of Lou's favorite bass players are Paul McCartney, James Jamerson (Motown), Carl Radle (Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominoes),and Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band).