Keyboards, Vocals and FX

  I'm a New Jersey boy, I've been playing Keyboards since I was twelve years old, as soon as I heard my first Jimi Hendrix song, I was hooked on rock.
Music is the universal language, with that in mind, I feel that our interpretation of the songs we do, allows us the freedom to relate that right back to the listener in real time. I believe that musical intuitiveness and 
improvisation are a vital entity when playing in live venues.
 When "Blue North" began, we were five musicians on a journey to see if there was any chemistry between us, we were nameless. As time went on
 Blue North became the chosen name of the band which we continue to use today. Although we have gone through some personnel changes, we are stronger than ever, embarking on a new path and new direction working
 closely with one another, we are now band mates.
 We all have different musical tastes and influences which makes us very
unique as well as versatile. We continually challenge ourselves from a musical stand point which makes for a very tasty selection of songs.
 My first love is classical music yes Mozart, Bach, Beethoven to mention a few. My musical influences include Trower, Yes, Genesis, Rush, Crimson, Floyd, ELP, Journey and the list goes on.
A composer of original music and we infiltrate originals into our cover song list so our audience can get a glimpse of another side of us, a very creative side. What I believe drives this band is spirituality dedication, the love of music, mutual respect for one another as musicians, friendship and thrill of performing and sharing it with others.
For without GOD none of this would be possible!





This West Orange native began taking drum lessons as early as 4th grade and made all-city by 6th.  He began studying under Newark jazz great Bob DeSalvo where he honed his rudimentary skills into placing 7th in junior high all-state competition.  

After moving to North Carolina in high school, Rick eventually joined the professional band Armageddon (Featuring Beach Music Legend Dink Perry); and opened for acts like The Classics IV, and The Embers.

Family responsibilities and a career in TV took Rick away from drumming until 10 years ago when he moved back to New Jersey and joined both the Glen Rock Pops Orchestra as a percussionist, and Blue North where he continues his love for classic rock.              



Lead Guitar/Vox


Ken Chergosky started playing guitar in 1964 right after the Beatles played on Ed Sullivan. Every day he would sit on his front porch and practice his guitar.  One day a friend called him ‘Kenny Cool’ and this name has stayed with him for all of his musical life.

 Kenny has played professionally with such acts as: Steve Willoughby, Public Enemy, East of Eden, Delta Star, Cold Sweat and 90 Proof.  He has worked as a sideman, as well as a front man and can work the crowd into a frenzy.  Kenny’s played over 1000 gigs in six states.

His original “Raygun” charted on the independent label Top 40 charts in the 1990s getting airplay in the Midwest.