Keyboards, Vocals & FX


  I'm a New Jersey boy, I've been playing Keyboards since I was twelve years old, as soon as I heard my first Jimi Hendrix song 
"Purple Haze" I was hooked on rock. Music is the universal language, with that in mind, I feel that our interpretation of the songs 
we do, allows us the freedom to relate that right back to the listener in real time. I believe that musical intuitiveness and 
improvisation are a vital entity when playing in live venues. When "Blue North" began, we were five musicians on a journey to see
 if there was any chemistry between us, we were nameless.
As time went on Blue North became the chosen name of the band which we continue to use today. Although we have gone through some personell changes, we are stronger then ever, embarking on a new path and new direction working closely with one another, we are now band mates. We all have different musical tastes
 and influences which makes us very unique as well as versatile. We continually challenge ourselves from a musical stand point which makes for a very tasty selection of songs.
Although my first love is classical music yes Mozart, Bach, Beethoven to mention a few, my musical influences also include Robin Trower, Yes
, Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Floyd, ELP, Journey and the list goes on. My equipment list consist of a KorgTriton Xtreme, ,Roland PK5A Bass Pedals, Roland V-Synth, Roland AX shoulder Synth that are all stacked atop an Ultimate Support Apex Tri Stand. I'm a composer 
of original music and we plan to infiltrate originals into our cover songlist so our audience can get a glimpse of another side of us, a very creative side???? 

 What I believe drives this band is spirituality, dedication, the love of music, mutual respect of one another as musicians, friendship and the thrill
 of performing and sharing it with others. My bandmates have allowed me the freedom of playing without judgement, scrutiny, or any other negative vibes and that really frees me up to be the best musician I can be. I thank my bandmates for allowing me, to simply be me and letting me spread my wings and soar. A very special "THANK YOU" to my Wife Debbie who I Love dearly and my family, for the great meals at every rehearsal and putting 
up with us, for without GOD, our families love and support none of this would be possible!! 



Rich has been playing bass for the last several decades. He lives in Ridgefield NJ  with his wife Mary and has a daughter Nicole .His love of music has been a working force all his life.He has worked with original bands such as Fast Cargo & Shady Side and cover bands such as Black Water Reign ,Double Tap,SoundWave,Slip Shot The Magic Band and the list goes on and on.He has worked in all the clubs and wedding venues in NY and NJ. At this time he has been filling in as bassist with Stevie Grace and The Lot , The Pickups, and My Buddy Paul. He excels in 4 string fretted and fretless , 8 string bass , Upright Bass and guitar . He is happy to have found a place playing with Blue North and is looking forward to bring their music to life.