About Us

"Blue North"

  A core of five talented musicians having mutual respect for one another, each bringing a significant talent to the table. Each being  one fifth of a larger working unit, with a strong structural integrity. These positive elements allow us to portray the music as we do naturally. 

Don't be mis-lead we are not a cover, nor a tribute band. We simply take covers and do

our interpretation of them, we have a selection of music that everyone will find pleasing to

the palate. Original music we do has a progressive edge to it with a variety of hooks and 

bridges done with flair. 

In the dictionary the definition of "Blue" mentions the word morality, interesting right? Look up the word "North" and it mentions the word direction. Many navigators ancient and

current alike have set their compass point using the NorthStar as a directional beacon, and so we believe we are on a journey based on musicianship, loyalty, brotherhood, morality, Integrity sprinkled with spirituality and that's an awesome package.



DON VENTRIGLIA - Vocals, Keyboards, & Effects. 

KIM BARRON - Vocals & Percussion.

RICK MORAND - Drums, Percussion.

LOU CUOCO - Bass Guitar